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Recreation Club
Current Members:
****No Payments will be accepted at the pool****
3.  Active Membership:  Requires payment of annual membership dues ($270), capital maintenance fees ($100), applicable sales tax ($18.23) and a $20.00 refundable volunteer fee.  This family membership includes parent(s) and their dependent children.  Your membership includes a complimentary Care Giver pass to allow proper supervision of any children under the age of 10 or with special needs.  Care Giver must be 18 years or older.  Your family has unlimited use of the pool during the season.$408.23. All memberships must be paid by 11:59 pm April 30, 2017 to avoid a $50 late fee. 

Option 4. Inactive Membership: Requires payment of capital maintenance fees ($100), membership maintenance fee ($50), applicable sales tax ($3.38) and a $20.00 refundable volunteer fee. Your family may use the pool 10 times during the season. Each person is counted separate if not visited at the same time.  Inactive Membership is limited to 5 years. $173.38 All memberships must be paid by 11:59 pm April 30, 2017 to avoid a $50 late fee. 
***You must log into your account to pay your dues***

Early Bird
Early bird special for Active Members: Pay by end of February and receive 10 free guest passes or pay by end of March and receive 5 free guest passes.

****No Payments will be accepted at the pool****
*There will be a returned check fee $35.00 and the membership fees will then only be accepted via Paypal
**Membership fees are due each year by April 30th. After April 30th a $50.00 late fee will incur. 

If Membership Dues are not paid each year, stock will be reclaimed by GVRC.
Option 5. Stock Turn-In Option: You may elect to turn-in your stock instead of paying annual membership dues, capital maintenance fees, and applicable sales tax. Your family will have unlimited use of the pool during the season.  There is no charge just go to "Registration and payment" link and choose the "Stock Turn-In" option.

If you elect not to pay current dues and fees by 30 June 2016, we will automatically convert your full value stock in accordance with the by-laws to pay your dues/fees.

Selling or Transferring Your Stock:  You may elect to sell or transfer your stock to a new member.  You must request an Authorization Code from the Membership Director and provide it to the recipient.

Seller's List:  GVRC does not maintain a Seller's List.

***VOLUNTEER FEE for ALL Stock Owners***
All stock owners will be assessed with a $20.00 Refundable Volunteer Fee. 
This charge has been enacted to pay the costs associated with the opening and closing of the pool. In the past we have counted on members volunteering to help with these tasks; however, each year this has become more of a burden on the Board of Trustees. Stock Holder families that volunteer 4 hours or more will be refunded the $20.00 in late September. 

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