Greene Valley 
Recreation Club
Greene Valley Recreation Club is an exclusive member-owned club.  Stock is available for purchase through the Club or from qualified members. Stock holder dues must be paid each year or stock will be reclaimed by GVRC.

Sock holders pay dues annually and a capital maintenance fee.  For 2019, the membership dues are $270 and the capital maintenance fee is $100. Sales tax is charged on membership dues. 

Volunteer Fees:
All stock owners will be assessed with a $20.00 Refundable Volunteer Fee. 
This charge has been enacted to pay the costs associated with the opening and closing of the pool. In the past we have counted on members volunteering to help with these tasks; however, each year this has become more of a burden on the Board of Trustees. Stock Holder families that volunteer 4 hours or more will be refunded the $20.00 in late September. 

Our by-laws limit the number of shares of stock to 400. Stock may be turned in during final season in lieu of paying membership dues or the capital maintenance fees.

Please click the appropriate tab for information on New Members, Current Members, and Vested Members.  We ask that you make payment through our web site via PayPal or mail to the PO Box.  We can not accept payments at the pool. Dues and fees are payable in full for Current Members no later than April 30th of each year. A $50 late fee will be charged to members who pay May 1st or after of each year. If  Stock holder Dues are not paid each year the stock will be reclaimed by GVRC.

****No Payments will be accepted at the pool****

A copy of our current by-laws are available for your convenience: GVRC By-Laws 

Greene Valley Recreation Club
Beavercreek, Ohio
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