Greene Valley 
Recreation Club
New Members:

****No Payments will be accepted at the pool****

1. Purchase Stock from GVRC:  Purchase stock directly from GVRC for $395. Pay annual Capital Maintenance and Membership Fees of $408.25( $20.00 Refundable Volunteer Fee). Total payment of $803.25. There are 2 options for payments for New Members purchasing stock from GVRC:

 Option 1a: Pay in full $803.25( $20.00 Refundable Volunteer Fee

Option 1b: Pay in 2 payments over 2 years  $611.25 each( $20.00 refundable Volunteer Fee) 
(this includes a $50 convenience fee)

1c. Purchase Stock from Member: Purchase stock from a current member at your negotiated price. Then pay the Annual Capitol Maintenance and Membership Fees on our website. Please note GVRC Board of Trustees does not have a "Sellers List". Stock dollars are not applicable on outside purchases, will become null and void.

  Seller must obtain an Authorization Code from GVRC authorizing sale. You must enter the Authorization Code provided.  All sales subject to verification.

 Members are required to make a one-time purchase of stock for $395. Annual Membership Dues are required each year or stock will be returned to GVRC.

Volunteer fee for stockholders:
All stock owners will be assessed with a $20.00 Refundable Volunteer Fee. 
This charge has been enacted to pay the costs associated with the opening and closing of the pool. In the past we have counted on members volunteering to help with these tasks; however, each year this has become more of a burden on the Board of Trustees. Stock Holder families that volunteer 4 hours or more will be refunded the $20.00 in late September. 

Option 2. Trial Membership: Purchase a Trial Membership, same price for family or individual. Trial Membership is good for one year and limited to one year. You may only be a Trial member 1 year (Memorial Day to Labor Day of current year). A portion of Trial Membership, paid regular cost, dues will go toward their stock purchase, "Stock Dollars". Trial Memberships are limited. $480.38

Option 2a. Active Duty Trial Membership: GVRC now offers a 15% Active Duty Military Discount on Trial Memberships only. Must email proof of Active Duty Service. $408.32 and request an authorization code**

There are no refunds on any payments
Trial Members must:
  1. Must abide by pool rules and bylaws 
  2. Trial Memberships have no voting privileges
  3. Trial Memberships can not join the Board of Trustees. 
  4. Families must live in the same household subject to verification if needed. 
  5. Trial Memberships do not own/purchase stock at GVRC (Greene Valley Recreation Club)
  6. Trial Memberships are limited to 1 year, Memorial Day to Labor Day, before stock purchase is required. 

Greene Valley Recreation Club
Beavercreek, Ohio
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