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Vested Membership is available to no more than 40 members in accordance with the By-Laws. Vested Members are members who are at least 55 years of age, have been members for 10 or more years and no dependents included on membership.  Stock is transferred to the Club and no additional dues/fees are paid in the first year. You must apply in writing to the Board of Trustees to be considered for Vested Membership.  

Vested Consists of 2 levels:

Vested 10- Limited to 10 visits to the pool. If family members arrive separately this is considered more than 1 visit. This is *Option 6 $53.38 

Vested Unlimited-Unlimited use of the pool. This is *Option 7 $144.11

*Option 6 and 7 is only be visible to Vested members*

***You must log into your account to pay your dues***

In order to maintain Vested status, member must purchase a minimum of a 10 visit pass (Option 6) by 1 June each subsequent year. 
****No Payments will be accepted at the pool****

The currently approved list of Vested Members for 2017:

Jack & Karen Ackerson
Kris & Mary Ann Altepeter
Mark & Mariesa Baker
Bob and Elaine Govenar
Thomas & Teri Eichhorn
Sue & Stephen Hedlund
Karl & Debbie Heidrich
Chuck & Liz Hewitt
Michael & Alyce Johnson
William & Stacey Johnston
Michael & Mary Jo Leopard
Dr. Edward & Ingrid Martin
Cindy & Tim Miller
Roberta Papp
William & Jacqueline Paugh
Bob & Sally Pinnell
Terry & Patty Pleasants
Tim & Annette Poth
Grace Ramos
Jim & Jennifer Roberts
Guy & Sarena Smith
Spencer & Donna Schlagheck/Hall
John & Julie Sostrom
Herb & Sondra Wagner
Denise Wamsley
Miriam & Tim Wood
Steve Zakour

Greene Valley Recreation Club
Beavercreek, Ohio
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